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Naked Lunch (1991)

Naked Lunch (1991)
Naked Lunch (1991)Naked Lunch (1991)Naked Lunch (1991)Naked Lunch (1991)
After developing an addiction to the substance he uses to kill bugs, an exterminator accidentally murders his wife and becomes involved in a secret government plot being orchestrated by giant bugs in an Islamic port town in Africa.
William Burroughs' 1950s free-form classic, with its nonlinear narration and shocking imagery, had long been thought "unfilmable." Director Cronenberg has done the impossible, for this hallucinatory horror/sci-fi/comedy/drama is a witty, imaginative and quite homoerotically graphic interpretation.
Weller stars as Burroughs' monosyllabic alter ego, Bill Lee, a bug exterminator who, along with his sharp-tongued wife (the amazing Davis), gets hooked on his own bug powder. Lee, swimming in a narcotics-induced paranoia, sees his Remington typewriter come alive in the form of a slimy, bug-shaped creature who informs him that he is really an underground agent on a mission to fight a worldwide "Interzone" conspiracy. This leads him to "travel" to Morocco, where he meets other agents Holm, Sands and, in an additional role, Davis. Julian Sands is the sensually - and dangerously - fey Cloquet, and Scheider makes quite an impression as the maniacal Benway.
Filled with graphic gore, hallucinatory bugs and their pulsing anal regions ("Rub some of that powder on my lips!") and homoerotic scenes of "Mugwamp jism" sucking, this audaciously demanding foray into the psyche of a drug-addicted artist will prove for some to be disgusting and incomprehensible - a response that would have delighted Burroughs.

ALSO KNOWN AS: David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch (USA) (trailer title)
ALSO KNOWN AS: Le festin nu (Canada: French title)
YEAR: 1991
DIRECTOR: David Cronenberg
GENRE: Biography | Crime | Drama | Fantasy | Mystery
RUNTIME: 115 min
COUNTRY: Canada | UK | Japan
CAST: Peter Weller, Judy Davis, Julian Sands, Ian Holm, Roy Scheider, Monique Mercure, Nicholas Campbell

NUMBER: 0102511
AWARDS: 13 wins & 5 nominations
KEYWORDS: Dark Comedy, Lesbianism, Homosexuality, Disturbing, Talking Anus, Male Prostitute, Homosexual, Transvestism, Bisexual, Gay Interest, Male Nudity, Repressed Homosexual, more...

VIDEO STREAM: DivX 3 640x352 25.00fps 705Kbps
AUDIO STREAM: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 160Kbps
SIZE: 694MB (728659968 bytes)


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