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Grave of the Fireflies Movie OST (Túmulo dos Vagalumes)

Título: Grave of the Fireflies Movie OST
Áudio: MP3
Tamanho: 71 MB

1. Setsuko And Seita ~ Main Title
2. The Burnt-Out Area
3. Mother's Death
4. Early Summer
5. At The Shore Of The Pond
6. To The Ocean
7. The Beach
8. The Parasol
9. Under The Cherry Blossoms
10. Drops
11. Moving
12. Older Brother, Younger Sister
13. Fireflies
14. Grave Of The Fireflies
15. Sunset Colors
16. Scene Of Carnage
17. Elegy
18. Two People ~ End Title

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Para aqueles que curtiram o filme ou o anime, e suas músicas de fundo!



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