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Ganbaride Essentials

A bunch more scans have come out since the other day concerning the upcoming Double & Decade movie, which I will get to at a later date. But right now:

Igadevil mentioned a few days ago he was working on something that might interest those with a DX DecaDriver (aka the belt which will probably have a much longer shelf life than usual) and here it is:

These are scans (back and front) of all the cards released in Ganbaride waves 1~5 that also were featured on the Kamen Rider Decade TV series. Unlike the majority of Ganbaride cards, which feature CG or illustrated art, these ones use photo manipulations like most of the cards that were sold with DX Decade toys or FFR figures. I won't be scanning those, because they're all still easily obtainable and somebody's got to support Hobby Link Japan and that ilk, right?

All 20 of the cards contained in this pack are extremely common (shops will sell them for 50 to a 100 yen) and no longer available in most of the Ganbaride machines across Japan (which have moved onto wave 6 and soon, wave 7.) I mean hell, I'll literally be giving away some of them the next time I hold a contest!

More importantly though, the vast majority of people reading this blog will likely not have access to a Ganbaride machine (or said hobby shops) unless they're planning to be in Japan any time soon, so I have dug into my personal collection to bring you these scans because, again, like 98% of you out there probably aren't in the position to get these, and I practically have to stop people from throwing them at me. Okay, it's not quite like that, but you know what I mean. Obviously, these are no replacements for the real things, which I highly recommend buying if you can. They're neat.

Most of them will NOT make the exact same sound effects heard on TV, however they all will say something, and a couple of them have sounds which until now were only made by the do-it-yourself cards everybody seems to be making. Please note that I haven't printed the scans and tested them out myself; so there are no guarantees they'll work (however, you conceivably could print them out, cut out the picture part and stick it on the homemade cards you already have that do work, or something like that.)

The scans are larger than the actual size of the cards (card dimensions are roughly 5.9 x 8.6 cm) so you will need to shrink/stretch/reduce/mutilate these yourself, I'm just posting the raw scans. I will not be scanning any more cards unless they fall under the category of "it was on the TV show and it isn't sold with something you could just import".

Also, before anyone asks, the Kamen Ride: BLACK card was originally a sparkly/glitter card, slightly rarer than the others, so it scanned about as well as a sparkly/glitter card would. Also, the Final Attack Ride cards were all from earlier waves; I won't be scanning the holo/foil/shiny ones that came out more recently because I 1) don't own all of them yet and 2) they look awful when scanned. Let's just hope they release the rest in the normal style like they did for the ones we do have.

Lastly, I would not recommend trying to use these in a Ganbaride machine. It will likely explode and kill you. But if you're in the position to be using a Ganbaride machine, you can just go buy the real things at any hobby shop anyway!

The cards contained in this file include (I'm using the TV show names, the actual cards usually have different text):


Decade- Blast

Ryuki- Strike Vent

Hibiki- Ongekibou Rekka










Kuuga Dragon

Kuuga Titan

Kiva Garulu

Kiva Basshaa

Kiva Dogga


Rider 1

Rider 2




Yes, those last few were all from All Riders, though the way they appear might not be what you expect. Kuuga Pegasus hasn't gotten a card yet, nor have any of the others, otherwise I'd have included them! Will there be a volume 2? We'll just have to wait and see. I'd like to have a Final Attack Ride Amazon card, that's for sure.

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